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At YJC you can get

A training system that is
in line with the growth stage,
promoting growth in all aspects.

Accelerate employees' adaptation and integration, help new employees quickly become competent in their positions through new employee training and professional knowledge training; empower managers for development and enhance management skills; also includes customized special abilities development for newly appointed mentors, internal trainers, etc., matching different training systems and projects according to each person's growth stage, empowering your growth at every stage.

Promote team communication and collaboration.
Enhance collective cohesion and team spirit

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, cultivate sentiment, promote team communication and enhance collective cohesion and team spirit; and to better progress and develop together with the company, the company regularly holds team building activities.

Multiple career development paths,
More freedom to choose your own track
and development direction

Established a dual-channel professional and management career development system, providing professional and skills enhancement training for your rapid growth, cultivating talent pool for the company's sustainable development, and inspiring potential to discover more possibilities for yourself, continuous growth and progress.