Energy storage battery

YJ-Cheng devotes to the R&D of LiFEPO4 battery, owing the core technology of cathode materials, battery cell and BMS, owing the core patents, having achieved mass production and having the vertical integration capacity of whole industry chain.
By combing the application requirement of battery storage, our products are adopted with unique design and innovation in the compatibility, energy density, discharging rate, safety, life cycle (80% DOD, 6000 cycles) and physical view, enabling the good storage application experience for users.

YJC801 Container Type
Energy Storage System

This series are adopted with specialized LiFePO4 battery, achieving high energy density, long life cycle and highly integrated system design. The system include battery, BMS, PCS, temperature control, fire control and lighting. The housing is applied with container, enabling the outdoor installation. With modular design, the system is easy to be deployed, moved and maintained. This series is developed for grid storage, industry and commercial storage, residential high voltage storage, high voltage UPS and data equipment room. With self-designed battery cell, BMS and system integration, we can provide different level solutions from battery module, energy storage system, and container type energy storage system.

Commercial Energy Storage System Solution

One-stop solution provider for industrial and commercial facilities

——Reduce electricity cost, save charges
——Efficiently use new energy, increase benefits
——Decrease carbon emissions, protect environment
YJ-Cheng service covers project development, system design, project turnkey contract and maintenance. We also participate in the different business methods of partners to improve the utilization ratio and reliability of new energy.

Residential Energy Storage System Solution

Nowadays the solar system is installed in many houses, which saves energy billing as well as protects earth. YJC residential energy storage system can be connected with solar system to guarantee the 24 hours’ using of new energy for users.
ESS stores up the energy generated by PV for use as needed, which will decrease the using of grid energy and increase the residential energy self-consumption ratio, to finally save the billing.
ALPHA ALL IN ONE energy storage solution can help users maximize achieve the green energy’s self-consumption.