Vehicle System
Self-built multi platform 3+1 products , to meet
different vehicle project requirement

Battery Features

·During conceptual design, the topological and morphological optimization is carried out. In the design initial stage, dimension optimization, heat dissipation analysis and thermal-protection out of control management are carried out. And Modal, random vibration and impact pressure tests are carried out during the design process to ensure the safety of the final product.

·From component level to battery system (component level-battery level-module level-box level-battery pack system), the safety and reliability of each component are considered to ensure the overall safety and reliability of the total product.

·Authoritative evaluation software is adopted to predict the life of the battery pack. The test results show the service life of the battery pack can reach more than 10 years.

·Effectively reducing weight, removing excess materials, accurately calculating the weight of materials used, and confirming it through simulation calculation to improve the energy density and endurance mileage.

Motor Features

● Low noise

● High efficiency

● High power density

● H level insulation

● IP67 protection level

● Stable torque output

● Low cooling water

● Excellent back electromotive force wave

● Great constant power flux-weakening capacity

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor


Controller Features

● Advanced motor modes and multiple digital logic control integrated together to meet traffic requirement for high efficiency under different road conditions PWM modulation mode, steady variable speed

● Adopting high power MOSFET high frequency design to achieve low noise and high efficiency energy conversion

● Perfect protection features such as accelerator fault, under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature to improve the system reliability

● Brake or reverse energy feedback control to improve the vehicle mileage

● Closed housing with IP67 protection rate

● Anti sliding slope, fault alarm to enable safer driving

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Low voltage controller


Charger Features

IC card adopted for identity authentication and charging transactions, with complete card management function. The charging socket conforms to the GB20234.2 standard. The color liquid display screen can display the current time, card balance, the charging power and the charging amount during the charging process. Supports charging methods of automatic full charging, charging according to time, charging according to power amount, charging according to money amount etc. It has three status indication: power source, charging, fault. It has perfect safety protection function, and functions of short circuit overcurrent protection, leakage protection, lightning protection and emergency shutdown. When charging, the charging gun head and charging socket can be locked to prevent the phenomenon of wrong plug-in and pull-out. With the upstream Ethernet communication interface, it can centralize the management of pile groups.


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