In August 2016, Shenzhen YJC was established, which is located in the high-tech park of Shenzhen national integrated IC Industrial Park.

In December 2016, it made strategic investment in LFP battery core enterprises with a capacity scale of 1.5gwh.


In November 2017, the battery, electric control and power exchange system of small logistics vehicles were successfully put into Europe ,such as Netherlands, Spain, France 's postal departments and Carrefour and Wal Mart distribution markets. The products obtained the certification of UN38.3, IEC62660, IEC60529, IEC61000 and CE.


In May 2018, the overseas smart home energy storage battery system was certified by TUV and CAS and exported to Australia.

In July 2018, the company obtained the qualification certification of medical battery, and its products entered the medical field.

In October 2018,we and our batteries factory got CCS certification from China Classifcation Society.


In June 2019, the company won the title of national high-tech enterprise.

In October 2019,the Huizhou Factory of YJC was established to meet request for more customers and to have continual and steady production delivery capacity.


In July 2020, the Taiwan office was established.

YJC Struggler
The foundation of YJC's development was taking the customer as the center, taking the striver as the foundation, persisting in the arduous struggle for a long time.To realize our bulepoint, we must rely on the collective members' own effort.Since we don't have any extenal resources ,only by depending on hard work of all employees .We break through ourselves and overcome difficulties that can lead us to survive from the fierce international competition.The company takes sincerity, ingenuity, sharing and honor as the core in the market field, team cooperation and collective struggle as the theme, long-term criticism and self-criticism as the principle, and actively and quickly respond to customer needs as the guidance. We adhere to the principle of having both political integrity and ability and putting morality first, and we have selected potential struggler to move forward together.
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